Get involved this Green Friday!

See Below How Your Business Can Get Involved this November 29th

Why not host a Green Friday Event? Host your own or come together with other local businesses and share in the experience of bringing your community closer together.

The idea is to create an experience for your customers and build the momentum of positivity and support within the community. 

We believe that small businesses are put under serious pressure to discount during the Christmas season which may not be possible and is often not sustainable. This is something we hope to avoid this year. It is a decision that is completely up to you to do what is right for your business. It is the movement of coming together in support that matters. 


Here we've included some event ideas below to get you started 


Email us at [email protected] if you wish to hold a Green Friday event. We will then publisise your event on our website and from our social media pages. 


Check out the Wild Design's Green Friday 2018 Customer Evening 

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 We hope that this movement grows and can make a positive impact on our communities, our local economy and our environment this Christmas, but we need your help.


Share the message of Green Friday Ireland with colleagues, friends, family.  

Share our Press Pack with as many businesses, publishers, consumers as possible to spread the word that this November 29th we are coming together to support our local businesses, create a more resilient and sustainable local economy all while giving back to the community and reducing our environmental impact.

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“It felt like a movement of positivity and genuine support that just snowballed and it took us 5-6 days to catch up with orders that...Were placed on greenfriday and that weekend.”

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